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Turn training into
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Points are one of the mightiest gamification elements out there. As a gamified learning platform, TalentLMS hands over point-control to you. You customize the number of points your learners earn through our fixed set of actions –actions designed to increase user engagement. Activate TalentLMS’ point system and you’ll activate learning adoption. 


Add a layer of interest and functionality to your training environment with levels. Levels create dynamic learning paths as courses are only accessible to learners who have progressed to the next level. This type of hidden content sparks interest, giving employees that much needed motivation to interact with training more often. 


Win half your training battle by getting your learners to participate. With our built-in badges engine, you’ll create a clear goal-setting and goal-smashing environment. As gamification badges get progressively harder to earn, your learners’ knowledge improves and engagement soars. Plus, badges are customizable so you can recognize your learners’ achievements in a way that looks and sounds like you. Our learners’ achievements in your way. 


Some teams thrive on seeing their names in lights. A gamification LMS like TalentLMS lets you hook those learners from the start by enabling leaderboards. Leaderboards not only help with employee motivation but also provide indirect feedback and inject a competitive edge to training. It’s like getting a “high score” for a job well done. Instant confidence booster. 


Rewards are consistently ranked as the most motivating gamification element. In TalentLMS, we give you the power to offer reward-based discounts. If you’re selling your own courses, this is a reliable way to boost learner engagement and loyalty to your programs. 

Gamification reports

With TalentLMS’ reporting engine, you can keep track of your learners’ progress at a gamification level too. Have a look at the number of points they’ve earned, badges collected, and their place on a leaderboard to help you reward your most active users, design better courses, and make better-informed decisions. 


Personalize your learners’ gamification experience in a way that makes sense to your org. With a gamification LMS like TalentLMS, you can offer a different “game” experience to individual teams. You can also control the point system and change the look, feel, and name of the pre-loaded badges to suit your brand, your teams, and your strategy.

What success sounds like

We use the points system to drive user excitement and gain their buy-in. Whenever any of our employees finishes a course, they receive a specific amount of points. They can then ‘cash’ in their points for various WGU-branded promotional materials. Thank you TalentLMS for helping us provide training in a fun, creative, and exciting way!WESTERN GOVERNERS UNIVERSITY|Western Governors University

Learners love a gamified LMS


of employees would spend more time on an app or software that is gamified.


of employees say that gamification would make them more productive at work.


of employees feel happier when they use gamified software at work.


More features that play well with gamification

  • Discussions

    To fuel learning, encourage collaboration, not just competition

  • Notifications

    Send instant feedback to learners just like a video game

  • Webinars

    An ideal environment for learners to ask questions in real-time

  • Certifications

    Link gamification to a certificate program to boost completion rates

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