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“The new TalentCraft and AI capability is amazing! It is incredibly easy to use.”

Ashley Douglas is a learning and development speacialts at Uptima where they use TalentLMS and TalentCraft.
Ashley Douglas, Learning & Development Specialist @ Uptima

World-leading teams train on TalentLMS

Transform your training with TalentCraft

Breathe life into your courses

So what if you’re not an instructional designer? Feel like one with the help of AI. Immerse your learners in beautiful courses, rich in interactivity. With stand-out AI-generated content, you’ll create memorable training experiences learners actually delight in joining.

Start with handy templates

Skip starting from scratch with premade templates. You’ve got big ideas. And now you can realize them as easily as filling in the blanks. Let TalentCraft put in the legwork to lighten your workload, so you can offer wow-worthy courses exactly when needed.

Use AI generated premade templates that TalentCraft has to offer.
You will always be on brand with TalentCraft's intuitive AI tool.

Use TalentCraft with ease

Prompting artificial intelligence might not come naturally. Luckily, you don’t need to speak robot with TalentCraft to generate stunning visuals and text that feel on brand or polish already created courses. It’s so intuitive, you won’t ever feel obsolete.

Here’s just some of what you can create with TalentCraft

  • Texts

  • Lists

  • Images

  • Video

  • Audio

  • Charts

  • Dividers

  • Questions (multiple choice)

  • Flashcards

  • Labeled graphics

  • Step-by-step processes

  • Tabs and accordions

  • Progression rules

  • Table of contents

Teams enjoy using TalentCraft on TalentLMS

See what some of them have to say:

With the addition of TalentCraft, TalentLMS has become a one-stop-shop for all learning and development needs! TalentCraft allows us to offer everyone something easy to use, while also going above and beyond the simple video and PDFs.

Alison W. – HR Safety & Training Coordinator @ HRM Enterprises

The new TalentCraft and AI capability is amazing! It is incredibly easy to use. It also has such a polished, professional, modern look. I cannot wait to create more content with this tool and update my existing content!

Ashley Douglas – Learning & Development Specialist @ Uptima

Frequently asked questions

My portal doesn’t support TalentCraft. How can I access it?

TalentCraft is available on TalentLMS+. All you need to do is make the switch to TalentLMS+. Follow the instructions in this Knowledge Base article to switch interfaces and start using TalentCraft.

Can I download and/or use my TalentCraft-generated content elsewhere?

Not right now. For the time being TalentCraft content can only be used in TalentLMS, and the content created cannot be exported.

Is TalentCraft content available on TalentLMS?

Yes, all content generated with TalentCraft can be viewed and taken from both TalentLMS and TalentLMS+. To edit the units you’ll need to be using TalentLMS+.

How many courses can I create using TalentCraft?

As many as you’d like. Keep in mind once beta closes, if you don’t upgrade your plan to include key TalentCraft functionalities, you might not be able to modify or add content using the creation tool.

Is TalentCraft content available on mobile?

Yes, learners can view TalentCraft content directly from their Android and iOS devices. It is not possible to edit content from a mobile device.

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