Sexual Harassment


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Course overview

Sexual harassment certainly isn’t an easy subject to bring up, but it’s a serious issue that shouldn’t be avoided. Workplaces of all kinds need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy from the start, and ensure that the details of which are communicated clearly to all staff. Harassment can happen to anyone and involves any unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that affects working conditions or creates a hostile working environment. 

Employers are responsible for ensuring that employees never have to face harassment in their workplace. They have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to protect their employees and keep them safe. And if they fail to do so, they’re legally liable.

The content contained within this course has been designed to create a global off-the-shelf course that appeals to audiences at all levels across all sectors and organizations. Ultimately, this course has been created as an overview and to support learners in understanding the core objectives around this topic. It will not in itself ensure compliance, nor will it cover all the complexities and nuances of your territory’s specific regulatory framework. 

What's covered

What is meant by sexual harassment

What the various categories of harassment are

How to prepare for and respond effectively to incidents of harassment

Why your teams need this course

This course is for employers of all kinds. While we all hope to never experience sexual harassment, knowing what to do if it ever does occur is crucial for getting the protection and respect everyone deserves. Following this course will enable you to take steps to keep everyone safe, while protecting you and your company from running into liability issues.

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