Unconscious Bias


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Course overview

Have you heard of a supercomputer that can run up to 11 million bits of information per second? Actually, you have. It’s your brain. No wonder you’re feeling so tired!

You’re only aware of around 40 of these processes at a time, so it’s great to have the remainder running in the background. But with 11 million of them, the brain is bound to take shortcuts.

Some of these shortcuts take the form of unconscious biases. We all have them. Thanks to our culture, upbringing, and environment, our brain makes decisions for us, without us even realizing. We might favor others whose values are similar to our own, hire someone because of their gender rather than experience, or give a project to a friend instead of someone more suitable. These biases aren’t our fault, but we do need to keep them in check – especially in the workplace. And that’s what this course is all about.

What's covered

The effects of unconscious bias

Where unconscious bias comes from

How to overcome unconscious bias

Why your teams need this course

Ignoring biases may have a detrimental effect on other people's lives, including teams, potential new starters, and customers. This course will help everyone understand better how to make the workplace fairer for everyone.

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