Research: What employees want from L&D in 2024

New research by TalentLMS and Vyond sheds light on the L&D landscape, revealing five key trends and seven actionable takeaways. Plus, five industry experts share their perspectives.

41% of employees will look for another job in 2024 if their company doesn’t provide them with training opportunities.

Key takeaways

New skills fuel success

66% of employees think they need to develop new skills to be successful at their job.

AI gap in the making

Employees get less training than they want on AI, while 67% would like to get training on new AI tools.

L&D spurs future readiness

71% feel more prepared for the future of work because of the training they received in 2023.

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More research highlights

Employees cultivate a growth mindset

A surge of employees is forging their own skill paths: 68% take additional training on a personal basis to improve skills. On top of that, 58% use social media to cultivate new skills.

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The half-life of skills keeps shrinking

Skills are the cornerstone of the workplace but they are rapidly changing. Employees are aware of that, with 57% saying that the shelf life of skills is shorter than it used to be.

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Research tidbits: What’s on the horizon in 2024

Personalized training

80% think personalized learning will be important in 2024. Cookie-cutter training just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Supporting well-being

For 68% of employees, non-work related training that supports their well-being will be important in 2024.

Flex training gains traction

79% say having more flexibility in choosing topics and the timing of training will be important in 2024.

Research tidbits: In-demand skills, training challenges, and career progress

Leadership training

The top 3 non-mandatory training topics employees want to get training on are leadership and management, mental health, and use of AI tools.

Career impact

72% of employees said they have progressed in their careers thanks to the training they’ve received from their companies in 2023.

Key learning obstacles

The top 3 training challenges: training sessions are too long; unengaging content delivery; content isn’t available on-demand, anytime.

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