TalentLMS for remote teams: Bridge the gap between learners and learning

Train your people anywhere, anytime – and even offline.

Enjoy far-reaching benefits with top remote training software

Free up time

Update learning fast, ditch training days, and shorten the time it takes to get your people up to speed.

Save money

Relax about your budget with traditional training costs cut out of the picture.

Train at scale

Don’t sweat the logistics – reuse courses and host as many learners as you need.

Onboard from anywhere

Structure remote onboarding and welcome new hires into the fold with a lasting first impression. 

Go green

Go light on printing, light on travel, and even lighter on the planet.

Learn without borders

Train dispersed teams from anywhere by crossing borders with the click of a button.

Remote training goes the distance

on TalentLMS

Encourage engagement

Create personalized learning paths for specific users, teams, or roles and offer drip-feed content. Avoid overwhelming your people with unnecessary info and increase the number of learners logging into remote training.

Choose your training.

Make learning stick

Break down knowledge silos with social learning. Start the conversation on forums where your teams can share their experience, workarounds, and solutions. With everyone working together, you’ll boost knowledge retention and foster better teamwork.

Track learner progress

Even if learners are out of sight, training won’t be out of mind. Monitor and motivate learners with in-depth reporting. Check your dashboard to identify those falling behind and guide them back onto the path to success.

Connect from afar

No distance is too far for physical demonstration and instructor-led training. Host live remote training with built-in videoconferencing, or easily integrate your preferred tool, and never mind the gap.

Manage without the mess

Assigning courses, grading tests, recertifications – you’ve got a laundry list of admin to get through. Win your time back from the dull and tedious with handy automations on the top remote training platform that puts the work in to make your life easier.

Go mobile

Place training in the palms of your learners’ hands. No matter how isolated your teams are, training’s literally on tap with the TalentLMS app. And, with downloadable courses, your people can learn offline.

Make long-distance work

with the leading LMS for remote teams

Localize your portal

Overcome the language barrier. Divide your learners into separate branches according to geographical location and set their subportal to the language they’re most comfortable with.

Prioritize your security

Rest assured, no matter where in the world your teams are, your remote training LMS stays secure. Set SSO, prevent simultaneous logins, and comply with international data privacy laws.

Train intuitively

Launch the LMS designed with ease of use in mind. An intuitive interface that’s easy to grasp means your people can get to grips with their training without fighting the platform

Train easily and with fast setup your employees with TalentLMS.

70,000+ teams enjoy TalentLMS as their remote training software

See what they say:

“Our company mainly functions on remote work, [TalentLMS]] helps keep track of learner progress easily and assures us that our employees get the right training even when working from home.”

David Christopher H. | Source: G2

“TalentLMS allowed us to continue training people through working fully remote. With how user friendly it is, we were able to easily build training programs for fully remote employees, which we had never done before.”

Source: G2

“When all of your employees are remote workers, it can be challenging to ensure processes are followed to the same standards across the entirety of the company. … Over the past year, TalentLMS has helped to streamline all of our operational processes and has provided a much easier way to track all of our process-related KPIs. Our Quality Assurance scores are up, onboarding and training times are down, and our employees are much happier as they have easy access to all of the training materials, no matter where the job takes them each day.”

Source: G2

Why successful orgs prioritize remote training

  • 61%

    of remote employees need more training to perform better in their roles.

  • 72%

    of remote employees say they’d be more likely to stay with their company in the long run if it provided training.

  • 78%

    of remote employees, who haven’t received training from their employers, would like to get training.

The 2021 TalentLMS Remote Work Survey

The best remote training software is designed for more than one use

No content? No problem. This is TalentLibrary™

Your training program needs more than role-specific courses. Tack TalentLibrary™ onto your TalentLMS plan and choose from over 750 ready-made courses (available in Spanish and English) to train your teams with. Without spending time on course creation or money on subject matter experts.

Train your people. Measure results. Drive growth.

TalentLMS gives you the tools to supercharge every step of your training.


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