Delegation & Empowerment


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No. of mini-lessons 3

Resources Take Away Tasks

Course overview

Most people have a playlist of go-to songs for when they want to feel confident and appreciated. Songs like Aretha Franklin’s iconic “Respect”. Listening to uplifting music can be especially helpful right before starting work or heading into a meeting. But wouldn’t it be great if those extra confidence boosts weren’t needed because every workplace made everyone feel valued?

Knowing how to effectively delegate and empower your workforce are vital components of strong leadership that significantly improve employee wellbeing, team morale, and productivity.

What's covered

The distinctions between assigning and enabling

How successful delegation can lead to empowerment

The major benefits of employee empowerment for your organization

delegation and empowerment online training course

Why your teams need this course

The best leaders entrust their teams to complete tasks independently and give them the freedom to be accountable for their own choices. If you’re new to leadership or simply want a refresh, this course will help. It will show you how to positively allocate responsibilities to members of your team, while also endorsing their skills and contributions. As a result, your employees will “Respect” you more too.

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