Emotional & Cultural Intelligence


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Course overview

We tend to measure intelligence with things like academic grades, IQ, or the ability to solve complicated math problems. But intelligence isn’t just about being good at exams or having superhuman math skills. Did you know that a large part of intelligence is about reading emotions and adapting to culture?

In the workplace, reading emotions and adapting to cultural differences helps teams work together more effectively, leading to increased performance and productivity. So, being able to understand and organize emotions is a vital skill. As businesses become more diverse, cultural intelligence is now an essential tool which, if mastered, will improve your personal and work relationships.

What's covered

What emotional intelligence (EQ) is

What cultural intelligence (CQ) is

How emotional and cultural intelligence coincide

Why they are important in business

emotional and cultural intelligence online training course

Why your teams need this course

For leaders, using and modeling good EQ and CQ skills is an essential part of keeping your team on track. If you’re new to leadership or more experienced but want to refresh, this course will help. It will explain what emotional and cultural intelligence are, how they coincide, and how using them benefits your business. It will also give you some useful advice on improving your skills.

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