Taking Accountability


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Course overview

In the workplace, being able to see your faults and accept responsibility is vital. Not only does it set a positive example for others, but it can also help to inspire teams and improve your business’s development.

Sometimes admitting you got something wrong is tough, and passing the buck or trying to cover it up may seem like the easier option. You can probably think of some politicians who do this all the time, right?! While it might seem like a good way of protecting your pride, acting this way can make situations worse and, most importantly, doesn’t give you a chance to learn from your mistakes. When it comes to being accountable, it’s best to lead by example

What's covered

What accountability means

Why taking accountability is good for business

How to overcome common pitfalls of taking accountability

taking accountability online training course

Why your teams need this course

If you’re a leader, either new or experienced, being able to see your faults and admit them is key to building trust and respect within your team and improving morale and productivity. This course will show you how to master taking accountability in a few simple steps, so you can self-reflect and improve both professional and personal relationships.

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